A shoutout to those that have donated financial support and have helped us reach our goals, like purchasing our domain, buying paper, printer and other materials. In part these people have made any physical editions of zines and artwork possible. So here’s some links to the cool stuff they’re doing, it’s worth checking out.

Rod Mannix

“I’m paying it forward by using my various Twitter accounts to introduce emerging writers, writers new to Twitter and writers with smaller accounts to a wider audience.”

Find more at

Rod has generously donated through our ko-fi account as well as on Twitter retweeting all of our opportunities!

Holden Flosi

Holden’s photography has appeared on Black Stone / White Stone, his financial donations have helped to purchase our domain name. Check out his work and follow him on Instagram.

Jason W. McGlone

Founder of Pencilhouse and Zero Readers Mag. Jason is a contributor and friend to our publication. Check out and support his projects because they are enriching our literary community.