Submission Schedule

Deep Dive Zine

(No Theme)

Currently Closed

Submissions open for one month period to the deep dive zine as follows:

January 1-31 2023

April 1-30 2023

July 1-31 2023

October 1-31 2023

Themed Bi-Annual

  • Heart theme :: Submissions open September 1-31 :: Published Nov./Dec.

*Please read submission guidelines for each category below.

Deep Dive Zine Submission Guidelines:

  • Please submit 5-8 poems. We appreciate poems to be on a separate page.
  • We ask for 5-8 so that I can get a feel for your writing, style and theme, etc. If you only have 3 or 4 pieces that are heavily linked and want to send only those, that’s fine too!
  • While we love the surreal and experimental, we also appreciate all types of poems, so send them.
  • Our goal is to give a platform for sequence poems, or micro-micro chap works that share a core theme, tell a story, or hit at the same question from different angles.
  • Previously published poems are okay, so long as the entire sequence, or a majority of the poems has not been published together elsewhere. Please leave a note in the email if poems have been previously published.
  • Please put your name & the word submission in the subject line. Include a brief cover letter & bio in the body of the email. Attach .pdf or .doc/.docx files only please. All poems in one document and send to:

  • Bi-weekly we’ll feature one poet (3-5 poems) + interview in a micro zine. Taking a deep dive, intimate approach. I’m really looking forward to reading your work.

This time around we would like to include original artwork. If you have artwork that is your own and you’d like to submit:

  • please include 1-5 pieces in .jpeg or .png with the titles of pieces. This includes photography, painting, drawing, collage, or whatever other types of media we haven’t thought of!

Themed Bi-Annual Zine Guidelines:

Please submit ONE poem per submission.

Include author bio as above.

Make sure your submission is relevant to the theme.

If you receive a rejection before the deadline feel free to resubmit before the deadline date.

Artwork, please send any type of artwork UP TO 3 PIECES in a single submission to be considered for cover and interior in standard .jpeg or .png format.

Themed Bi-annual zines will appear IN-PRINT ONLY!

And contributor copies, of course!

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