Steve Timm

Selections from

Glee Ha Glue Time

Steve Timm

Chapter 3

Glotly spearkling in phlegmishese
blip bloop bell de bomp 
the not like not unlike knotlike lichenstance
Gauche-o Planchette don’t shy to know the much of the wotta home
squarrel dip to the hips 
deep angel of mercy 
folly or the din de nada
who does your va vavá?
bearlipped Gulley smocks his laps
barnswallows i guess that’s right swap mellifluencies
who knowed this crux rode the swerve
not or notnot swank Gleegle
so lirious in his cooromancery
that swings ’e seeded sanks to the heavings

3rd Verse

qualms that quiver some breeze broke off  
hail flouts what healing prezactually
screedambled digs we drank whale salt pancake gin at the Dew Gong Inn
pourt stutter on a bland tack and pined sottorious 
them were days of mere 
no arrow wide enough
after the sombers it’s glee ha glue time

Chapter 4

just which sighed of Croakatello, Diaho, did you say i vennied unfrom?
Praisle Quee Blime, atcher stirrups
and’dja beloviate the whererentals if i didn’t, big am?
eary the orrery nacular
choreotaphed the scentax parsener
paining attunements the hedgery due
we’ll swing and vie ’úndry the nefessaries
hey dare, kerplunks, up to the bé-smirge
oughties willow their whispers
whilst in the whīl’ts Puppa de Wreakattle spurge’ rhyments acrush the fearmament
gloddy be and swart to slicence
worever the heeled Glottenspiel dried his dirgeoning bungeal
grayments driped their claderal Blad the Exnihiler dunned ’em fer
yeah’d be mad to, too,
eden an you wannot plowed Glitron

4th Verse

these what wanders loosed
at the readied
heady pale like sky probably in chair shoots beside
unleased wonder at the aplomb palm
pardon the strut, moment, er um uh
scratch codes aclong the wauling clōwed
slook up, slaken, as eye dew
redo for residue

Chapter 5

wobblying cherishoots beside, belong, aslung
hemstitchitating Glootsy gloried atria once eschered
plaided merci for the rightest crīmitment
shiver shiver went ’e vently in all the splat lip swerve
some mustered upcrash, sheer arc
to woesome and back de itty-doowadly
slay, prattener, whup you lateral a glory de own?
slied, mammon, yer perkatory, Giletto radiied
the bubbles all pwanted atopplier
and Glotto de Plume ’e yupsed be-aimed and slurmiled
blóttōned-dunk armcrookt radiatorer
these are ripenees, he subjured
and plunked him own sleeve surmong ’em
rabbed and swommed in curdles to greaves
and none of it ever did get through being through

5th Verse

pashin fanzy animute maundo
holds on their minute
laser us, lazy eye
turns yeet’s a word
howl about that
how’s the bout
how’s the disraimentation proctruding
syllabels can be sat on only so long
like diffidils, and peonantries,
and my plumperfecked pet tansy

Steve Timm’s newest book of poems is Rule of Composition (Bananaquit Press, 2022). It was preceded by This’s That (There Press, 2016), Un storia (BlazeVOX Books, 2010) and Disparity (BlazeVOX Books, 2006). His live performances are known for ending explosively with an improvised sound poem. A native of Kenosha, he lives with his wife Shari Bernstein and son Alex (who finds his poems “interesting”) in Madison, where he teaches English as a second language at the University of Wisconsin.

To Purchase Rule of Composition: Woodland Pattern Book Center or from A Room of One’s Own two local Milwaukee bookstores. You can read a review of the book by Nicholas Ravnikar here.

Interview with Steve Timm